Lip Augmentation

What is the Lip Augmentation Procedure?

  • Lip Enhancement Lip Augmentation – from $400 – $900, Topical anesthesia – $20
  • Basic Procedure Lip augmentation procedures increase the volume and fullness in the lips. The upper or lower lip may be treated alone, or both upper and lower lips may be treated at the same time. Lip augmentation can be achieved by injecting a dermal filler such as Juvederm or Restylane products to give volume and create a more voluptuous lip.  As we age we lose fullness and our lips thin and can give the appearance of a sad or frowning mouth, with this treatment we can freshen up our smile and look rested and more youthful.
  • Preparation for lip augmentation Stop smoking, if possible, two weeks before your lip enhancement procedure; smoking increases the risks of complications. Do not use any anti-inflammatory drugs or aspirin. If you have a history of blisters/Herpes infection, alert the doctor before your appointment is due so she/he can prescribe you preventive medication.

What to Expect

  • Pain Level: Mild discomfort. 0-2 days
  • Swelling and Bruising: 3 days-1 week
  • Work: No down time
  • Exercise: Wait 1 day
  • Final results: Temporary, injections will be needed to maintain the volume every 4-6 months

For Faster Recovery

To avoid unnecessary swelling or bleeding, do not bend over, strain, exercise or do any other activities that could increase pressure to your lips. Avoid strenuous exercise the first day. Topical anesthetic is generally used before lip injections, so that the lip enhancement procedure is painless. Recovery takes about 1-2 days after an injection. Bruising and swelling may last as long as a week. Arnica gel may be applied during this time.